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Iowa Public Broadcasting Sheds Light on Sanderson Farms and the Complex Issue of Antibiotic Use in Poultry Production


LAUREL, Miss. (Nov. 22, 2016) – This week, Iowa Public Broadcasting’s (IPB) “Market to Market” covered the complex issue of antibiotic use in poultry production. The report highlights the country’s third largest poultry producer, Sanderson Farms, and the reasoning behind their decision to continue the judicious use of antibiotics. IPB Producer, Colleen Bradford Krantz, also… Read more »

Sanderson Farms Announces Retirement of Board Member Charles W. (“Tex”) Ritter, Jr.


LAUREL, Miss. (October 18, 2016) — Sanderson Farms, Inc. (NASDAQ: SAFM) today announced that Charles W. (“Tex”) Ritter, Jr. has informed the Company that he will retire from the Sanderson Farms’ Board of Directors when his current term ends at the 2017 annual shareholders’ meeting.   “Tex Ritter joined Sanderson Farms’ Board of Directors in 1988… Read more »

Sanderson Farms Gifts $25,000 to American Red Cross Hurricane Matthew Relief


      KINSTON, Oct. 14, 2016 — In the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the Red Cross and its partner organizations continue to work together to help those affected by the storm. Sanderson Farms quickly jumped in to help the Red Cross fulfill its mission by donating $25,000 to Hurricane Matthew relief efforts. The… Read more »

Industry Experts, Veterinarians, and Sanderson Farms Discuss Issues Regarding Animal Welfare


September 6, 2016 – Today’s consumers are more conscientious than ever regarding where their food comes from, how it was produced and how it was grown or raised. In a 2013 poll by the American Humane Association, 89 percent of consumers surveyed stated they were very concerned about farm animal welfare, and 74 percent stated… Read more »

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