What does it mean to be 100% Natural?

Sanderson Farms believes 100% Natural begins with having independent family farmers who live in our communities.

Our chickens are fed a corn- and soy-based diet specially formulated by our in-house nutritionist.

All of our chickens are given access to food and water at their leisure.

They’re all cared for in cage-free and comfortable, climate-controlled houses where they are protected from the elements, predators and disease.

We’re proud that we are never frozen and are farm-to-market fresh.

So it’s easy for you to make your family a fresh, healthy meal without any hidden ingredients.

OTHER BRANDS add those things in a process known as pumping.

These “pumped” chickens contain up to 15% of those additives, impacting the flavor, texture and also the price.

At Sanderson Farms, we don’t think any of this is natural.

OTHER BRANDS add things to their chicken like…




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We work with over 800 family farmers across the country, many of these partnerships lasting 30+ years.

All of our chicken houses are large enough to allow the birds to exhibit their natural behaviors. That includes eating, drinking, resting and playing. Look around any house, you’ll find our chickens doing all four!

Some companies add seaweed to their chicken to pump up their products. If you see “carrageenan” listed on the label, that means seaweed, and seaweed in chicken is not natural.

Most of us realize that the ingredients we add to our chicken may contain certain levels of sodium. But, the things other brands may inject into their chicken add additional, hidden sources of sodium to your meal. These hidden sources are, in part, why about 90% of Americans eat more sodium than is recommended for a healthy diet.

KNOW YOUR SODIUM Give the lazy Susan a turn to find out how Sanderson Farms’ sodium content compares to the average pumped chicken brand and to a variety of other foods. Remember, the American Heart Association recommends consuming less than 1,500mg per day.

Just because chicken is labeled “natural” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have additives. That’s because the USDA allows companies to label their chicken “natural” even if they’ve pumped their birds with broth, salt water and seaweed. That's why you'll see an ingredients list on their chicken, but none on ours. After all, when some companies call their chicken “natural”, they may be inflating more than just the truth.

THE COST OF ADDITIVES The additives in pumped chicken could affect your health, but they definitely affect your pocketbook. Scan and bag each of these portly pumped-up chickens to see what you may be spending on added seaweed, salt, broth or water.

All chicken shrinks a bit when you cook it. But pumped-up chicken shrinks a lot! That’s because the added ingredients cook out, leaving you with a much smaller portion than you paid for.

And that’s why, for 65 years, when we say 100% natural
We mean 100% Natural

Average sodium in pumped boneless, skinless chicken breasts.


Average Sodium in
Pumped Chicken


sodium per serving


Average Sodium in
Apple Pie


per 1/8 of a pie

Average Sodium in
Sanderson Farms Chicken


sodium per serving

Based on a three-pound tray of boneless, skinless breasts priced at $2.96 per pound.X
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